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Public available SUPWIND Reports


SUPWIND Deliverables

No. Title Authors Date


Report documenting the findings of WP2

Weber, C., Vogel, P., Larsen, H.V., Swider, D.

Feb. 2008


Prototype development for operational planning tool

Kristoffersen, T., Meibom, P., Apfelbeck, J., Barth, R., Brand, H.

Feb. 2008


Identification of overall scenarios on the European electricity market

Redl, C., Obersteiner, C., Auer, H., Weber, C., Vogel, P.

May 2008


Report describing the database developed

Obersteiner, C., Redl, C., Auer, H., Weber, C., Vogel, P., Barth, R., Apfelbeck, J., Meibom, P., Larsen, H.V.

May 2009


Analysis of strategic grid investment and management issues

Apfelbeck, J., Barth, R., Brand, H., Vogel, P., Spiecker, S., Weber, C., Obersteiner, C., Bechrakis, D., Kabouris, J.

Nov. 2009


Case analysis of operational management of grids

Kristoffersen, T., Larsen, H.V., Meibom, P., Gøttig, A., Apfelbeck, J., Barth, R., Brand, H.

Oct. 2009


Assessment of market designs for energy and ancillary services

Weber, C., Vogel, P., Meibom, P., Barth, R., Apfelbeck, J.

Nov. 2009


SUPWIND presentations at

8th International Workshop on
Large-Scale Integration of Wind Power into Power Systems as well as on
Transmission Networks for Offshore Wind Farms

  Title Authors Date

Network and power plant investments - Country case study with high wind power penetration

Apfelbeck, J., Vogel, P., Barth, R., Bechrakis, D., Brand, H., Kabouris, J.

Oct. 2009


Load-flow based market coupling with large-scale wind power in Europe

Barth, R., Apfelbeck, J., Vogel, P., Meibom, P., Weber, C.

Oct. 2009


Investment planning of interconnectors under consideration of wind power extensions in Europe

Spiecker, S., Vogel, P., Weber, C., Obersteiner, C.

Oct. 2009


Estimating contracted regulating power in the Danish electricity system

Kristoffersen, T., Meibom, P., Gøttig, A.

Oct. 2009


Impacts of Intra-day Rescheduling of Unit Commitment and Cross Border Exchange on Operational Costs in European Power Systems

Meibom, P., Weber, C.

Oct. 2009


Europe Going Renewable: The TSOs’ Power Transmission Challenges

Orths, A., Eriksen, P.B.

Oct. 2009